What should I bring?

I have a large selection of props available to use during the photo shoot. These are both locally and internationally sourced, as well as some handmade by me.

Bring all your usual baby needs with, and lots of milk if not breastfeeding as some babies need a bit more settling and feeding than others. A dummy is also very useful in soothing baby, even if it isn’t something you use, maybe bring one along to help if needed. This way you can sit back and really relax and enjoy your morning.

Dress baby in loose, easy to remove clothing. If bub is asleep we don’t want to disturb him too much.

Coffee and bikkies will be available for mum and dad, but if you want something a bit more substantial please pack some snacks for yourselves.

Mum and Dad, wear loose comfortable clothing as it does get quite warm during the session. We have to make sure bub is kept nice and warm all the time.